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Facility Terms and Conditions

Vision Statement

  • We aim to create a happy environment where people can play both competitively and socially; laughter is encouraged; the whole community is given an opportunity to participate and everyone has an enjoyable time playing various sporting contests. Respect to your opponent and referee is to be given at all times. Unruly and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and removal from the complex may be enforced.


Centre Rules & Regulations

  • The Centre Manager / Coordinator or his/her appointee may implement, any action deemed necessary to protect the health and welfare of the public, employees or the complex.

  • Only Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports Tennis Coaches are authorized to teach at the facility. Outside Tennis Coaches will be asked to leave the complex.

  • Centre management reserve the right to change / alter or remove court availability at any time.

  • Appropriate attire must be worn on the court while playing.

  • Shirts must be worn.

  • Athletic shoes are required on all courts, dress shoes are not allowed. 

  • The Centre is a Smoke free zone.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Centre.

  • Drinks are permitted on the courts, but no chewing gum or food is permitted. Please remove all rubbish from your court on existing.

  • Profanity, loud noises, racquet throwing, abuse of Centre property, etc. will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in suspension from the complex.

  • If anyone at any time behaves disrespectfully toward others, they will be asked to leave the complex. Depending on the severity of the behaviour, individuals may be banned from any future use of the complex.

  • All participants and/or groups using the complex shall be responsible for any personal items brought into the facility and shall remove same at the end of each scheduled use time.

  • All Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports owned equipment will be returned to its designated place within the complex with or without the direction of the Coordinator.

  • No animals of any kind except those serving the needs of the disabled are permitted in the complex.


  • The Centre provides a wide range of activities including social netball, soccer and futsal competitions for adults and juniors. Tennis coaching and casual court hire. Sport birthday parties, and school sport activities.

Court Use

  • When claiming a court, wait until the exiting players have finished a point or rally before entering.
  • As a courtesy to players with a reservation following yours, please be ready to exit a court at the exact end of your reserved time.
  • Do not enter adjacent courts (when in use) to retrieve stray balls. Wait until your neighbouring players have finished a point, and then ask them to return your ball.
  • Persons/groups using the facility shall be responsible for the breakage, loss or damage to the facility and equipment and shall bear the full replacement cost for such breakage, loss, or damage.
  • Please ensure you are on time and ready to go for your allocated time, as there will be bookings after your time slot.

Pro Shop

  • No outside vendors may provide and/or sell goods and/or services at the Tennis Centre without prior approval from the Centre Manager / Coordinator.

 Tennis coaching policies

Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports – Tennis Coaching Policy




Once you are enrolled in the coaching classes, it is expected that you will attend the following term’s classes.


In the situation that your child is unable to attend their lesson, please let us know as soon as possible & where possible we will arrange a makeup lesson. One makeup lesson p/student, p/term for illness is allowed.


I consent to my child’s attendance at tennis coaching and in so doing, agree that Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports, its directors and employees are to be free and clear of all responsibility whatsoever for any accident or illness during the applicants participation in any activities connected with the tennis coaching, provided that Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports have taken all reasonable care and supervision.


I authorise the Moorabbin Indoor Tennis Centre and Moorabbin Indoor Sports, its directors and employees to obtain such necessary medical assistance as is required and agree to meet the expense attached thereto.


I further declare that the applicant has been in good normal health and agree to advise immediately in the event of his/her contracting any ailment considered likely to be detrimental to the health of others.


Fees Policy


All fees are due and payable within the first 4 weeks of the tennis coaching term.  All fees not paid within a month of the commencement of term will attract a $10 late payment fee. This fee will be charged for every subsequent month that the fees are overdue. Students with outstanding invoices will not be able to retain their preferred time slots for the following term.


Enrolments that start the term but then withdraw from the coaching will be expected to pay for the term; a credit note will be given for the balance of the lessons.






  • 2/117 Cochranes Road

Opening Hours

Mon-Thur 10am-11pm
Friday  10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

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